Make a Wish Pearl Set Constellation --Oyster with Pearl and Pendant

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(Please Limit 5 Per Customer)

Make a wish, break open the oyster and discover a real, genuine freshwater pearl inside!

This pearl in oyster necklace symbolizes beauty, purity and innocence.

Enjoy the thrill of opening your own freshwater oyster and discovering a gorgeous genuine pearl inside.

You never know what color pearl you will get...

  • White is for WISDOM
  • Cream is for SUCCESS
  • Peach is for HEALTH
  • Lavender is for WEALTH
  • Black is for LOVE

Ships with a gift box, silver plated chain and pendant, and a natural oyster with your surprise pearl.

The oyster is a real, freshwater oyster and is GUARANTEED to include a genuine 100% real, natural pearl. Oyster is shipped in a sealed can to remain preserved.

Who else in your life would love this? Order additional gifts for your family or friends!


Pearl Type: Freshwater Pearls
Chain Length: 16"

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